Everything started in the 80’s when Mustapha Gulham decided to devote himself entirely to his passion; Indo-Pakistani cuisine.
    After a few years of directing a restaurant in Paris, Mustapha Gulham started to look for a more appropriate place to create his dream temple. The Lémanique region was the ideal region; not only were a selected clientele eager to savour new culinary delights but also, in 1989, there were no such restaurants!
    In 11 years Rajpoute has created many converts with its friendly atmosphere and high level of customer satisfaction. Indo-Pakistani food fans have been satisfied throughout its 12 years, many returning time after time.
    With its unexpected huge success, the second dinning room is created in 1992 and the terrace was opened in summer 1993. In the same year a new restaurant, The Kandara, was opened in Bourg-en-Bresse, 20 rue de la République. The last restaurant, the K2, was opened in 1998 in Dublin Ireland. Sold in 2002.
Rajpoute has the rare ability to bring out each and every flavour in rich and aromatic dishes. Take the tandoori chicken for example – marinated, baked in a clay oven, and as tasty and tender as chicken gets.
Since 2002, we have grown our parking lot to satisfy the growing needs, especially on week-ends.

Every tuesday and thursday, we prepare at lunch time typical indian recipies unavailable on the menu!

For reservations, please give us a call : 04 50 40 82 90 or 06 18 15 45 05

has become a part of the Rajpoute's cuisine; we grow our own vegetables and condiments now. From tomatoes, green peppers, aubergines, beetroot, pumpkins to spices, we even can grow products only available in India, as the loki or the krela.
In the end, all these new flavours are included in some specialities like the chicken Nababchai and the carrot cake, Gadjirila. These seasonal dishes are highly recomended as they are not mentioned on the menu.
Do not hesitate to ask and try these new flavours at the restaurant.

Rue du Var
06700 St Laurent de Var
Tel: +33 (0)4 93 31 92 93

1553 Rue de Genève
01210 Ornex
Tel: +33 (0)4 50 40 82 90
Mobile: +33 (0)6 18 15 45 05
Jardin de Malyar
1, Route de Crozet
01630 Saint Genis Pouilly
Tel: +33 (0)6 20 20 28 90

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Animals are not allowed